IT JOBS IN RUSSIA: 3D Graphics Software Engineer, ST. PETERSBURG,

3D Graphics Software Engineer

We are looking to hire a 3D Graphics Software Engineer to work on the naval MMO game World of Warships.

What you will do:

  • Modify and update an existing graphics engine
  • Update the applied technologies
  • Write shaders
  • Learn about and introduce the latest 3D technologies as well as their optimization and improvement


  • 2+ years experience in programming graphics
  • Excellent knowledge of C++
  • Understanding of graphics conveyor principles
  • In-depth knowledge of 3D graphic applications development using MS DirectX 9/10/11, OpenGL and HLSL
  • Understanding of OOP principles
  • Knowledge of key algorithms and understanding of their working speeds
  • Strong background in mathematics
  • Knowledge of Python or a desire and readiness to learn it
  • Ability to understand borrowed code
  • Technical English (ability to understand technical texts)
  • Capacity to work quickly and qualitatively and to be goal oriented
  • Excellent team working skills


  • Experience in game applications development
  • Experience with IntelGPA, NVIDIA PerfHUD
  • Skills in efficiency optimization of complex high load graphic applications
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