SOUTH AFRICA - #WomensDay: Cheers to the marchers and to women everywhere!

It is said that the devil is a liar, a cheat, and a thief, and when he was chased out of heaven there were many who went with him.
I wonder what it would be like if this type of scenario takes place today, when a vote of no confidence in the president is held. I cannot but help wondering whether, if Number 1 gets sent packing, how many will go with him.
Would he end up in a little kingdom created by the Guptas, or would he roam the land like a hungry lion, devouring those souls who voted against him?
I also wonder what our youth - our leaders of tomorrow - make out of all of this.
Do they think it is okay for someone to act like the devil?
What are their views on the kind of leadership that is being illustrated by the current crop of political party leaders?
The streets of Cape Town are going to be filled with thousands of marchers today.
Let us spare a though for the street vendors. Some may face losing a day’s takings as they fear the loose canons that come with every march of this magnitude.
The organisers must watch out for the looters and criminal elements who may infiltrate the march.
I guess many people will take off from work today and some kids might not go to school because of the march.
I also think many people will take the day off from work but will not be part of the march. We have a culture where we tend to get all emotionally hyped up, but when it comes to getting out there and being part of an event, we shun it.
It is Women’s Day tomorrow - a public holiday. Will women get the acknowledgement they deserve? I wonder if they will really be honoured?
According to the rape, abuse and murder statistics, I guess not. What a shame. Many women were responsible for and part of building our nation, nurturing our leaders.
Many fought painful, dangerous and lonely battles during the Struggle years. Some were left behind with kids as their husbands had to flee into exile. Many themselves went into exile.
We homeless are frustrated as we had no say during the last election as most of us don’t have fixed addresses or IDs. We could not vote. So to march today is the least we can do.
We will be able to spot the ones who come only to cause havoc.
To conclude, I was dumbstruck by Madame Zille’s refusal to appoint a commissioner for children. Too expensive, she reportedly said. Nothing can be too expensive when it comes to protection of our little ones. Nothing. Child safety is a dire need in our communities.
My bottle of cheap bubbly is on melting ice. I have this feeling we are going to be let down once more.
But then again, pop the cork. We tend to drink during both happy and sad times. Cheers to you all!
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