Job Vacancy: Special Needs Education Facilitator at Jesuit Refugee Service, Nairobi, Kenya - ONGOING RECRUITMENT

This is a position based in Kakuma Refugee Camp. In close collaboration with the Program Coordinator, the Special Needs Education Facilitator will be actively involved in planning, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of the JRS Mental Health Programme.
  • Develop training manuals for the department as needed. Contribute to the reviewing and redesigning of the program training manual and ensure that program trainers are conversant with the manual.
  • Be actively involved in the planning, monitoring, implementation, and report writing for the JRS Kakuma project.
  • Help incentive staff to conduct assessment and develop case management plans, identify gaps and suggest interventions and will be actively involved in advocacy on behalf of beneficiaries and individuals living within the camp.
  • Monitor community workers in the field (should be in the field at least 70% of the working day), as well as help assess at-home needs of beneficiaries that are unable to come to the centres for care.
  • Prepare relevant materials for training community leaders, parents, and other refugees according to need and assist the program coordinator in training and in-service training for the day care support staff, parents, community leaders and clients’ caregivers.
  • Actively participate in guiding lead trainers in teaching others special needs education and basic mental health skills..
  • Participate in identifying persons living with mentally illness, as well as physical/developmental/cognitive disabilities through community outreach.
  • In consultation with Program Coordinator, will be actively involved in training of the day care program staff and inspire and encourage them to work with clients and maintain the JRS mission and vision.
  • Will ensure that the program assistants develop counseling skills, basic mental health therapies, along with developing their skills in working with special needs populations (including sign language, developmental abilities, based on diagnosis, general capacity building based around clients, etc.)
  • Ensure adequate, ongoing support and rehabilitation of clients through day care/community care.
  • Meet regularly with the Project Director and the Program Coordinator to discuss on issues related to the program, and to share information.
  • In consultation with the coordinator will contribute in the development of mobilization and awareness strategy to educate the community on program related information. Carry out regular assessments of the day care clients (with guidance from Program Coordinator,) and identify changing needs of each client.
  • Work closely with families by designing and overseeing the implementation of capacity building programs to help them easily integrate the beneficiary in their day to day life.
  • Write weekly/monthly reports that address each of the centres’ activities, and will contribute to other administrative duties as needed by the program coordinator and project directors.
  • Participate in any other programme activity as agreed with the Program Coordinator, Project Director, or the Country Director.
  • In liaison with program coordinator will ensure adequate, ongoing support and rehabilitation of persons with physical/developmental/cognitive disabilities and mental health clients in the camp through day care and community care.
  • Will assist the mental health care workers develop individualized programs/IEPs for the clients and monitor their work plans.
  • Will contribute to the development of the JRS strategy and design and oversee the implementation of innovative and individualized activities for program clients both in the centre and community.

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