Job Vacancy: Primary Health Care Supervisors at Comitato Collaborazione Medica, Isiolo County-Kenya - ONGOING RECRUITMENT

CCM - Comitato di Collaborazione Medica is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1968 in Turin, Italy by a group of doctors and specialized in the health sector. Its core mission is contributing to the development processes which safeguard and promote the right to health, by acting with an integrated approach on the health needs and by influencing the social-economical determinants. CCM aims at the improvement of health conditions of the population in low-income countries and intervenes through projects of international cooperation, education to the world citizenship, advocacy activities and interventions of health promotion in the context of migration processes.
CCM cooperates with the local communities and authorities in order to strengthen and develop the health systems, to improve accessibility and the quality of prevention and health care services. CCM works also to promote health in the communities cooperating with local organizations and promotes an integrated approach to the health by working directly or by cooperating with other local and international organizations in the fields of water, education, veterinary, food safety which help the complete well-being of the individual. Where present, CCM gives an immediate answer to the essential needs also in emergency situations.
In Kenya CCM is working in Isiolo County with the Project “Improving the Access to Water Sources, Sanitation Facilities and Quality Primary Health Care Services in Isiolo County” funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the International NGOs LVIA and CCM in partnership with the WRMA-ENNCA and the Isiolo County Department for Health. The specific objective of the Project is to improve access to clean water, sanitation facilities and Primary Health Care (PHC) services in Isiolo County through: (i) an increased availability of clean water for both human and animal consumption; (ii) an increased access to latrines in schools and Health Facilities (HFs); (iii) technical support to Health Centres and Dispensaries; and (iv) health education to raise awareness on the adoption of proper hygiene practices and increase the demand and utilization of the health services
Duty station: 1 PHC Supervisor
Duration contract: Until December 2016 (renewable)
Starting date: ASAP
Deadline for applications: 20th August 2016
Objectives and general characteristics
  • Ensure the effective functioning and service delivery of CCM supported health facilities in the project area;
  • Improve and increase the community access and utilization of primary health care services in the project area;
  • Facilitate the capacity building of local concerned institutions (Sub County Health Department-SCHD) and local health staff;
  • Improve the data collection and reporting system, according to DHIS guidelines and tools;
  • Improve the link between health services and the promotion of hygiene and sanitation practices across the target community, mainly in the areas of epidemiological surveillance, infectious/communicable diseases, water-borne diseases and health promotion;
  • Collaborate with CCM project team for the timely and effective implementation of project activities.
Reports to: CCM Health Activities Coordinator (HAC) Isiolo County
Areas of responsibility
· (S)he organizes and conduct with SCHD joint routine supervision and monitoring of CCM supported health facilities in the area of intervention (Isiolo, Merti and Garbatula sub Counties, Isiolo County);
· In collaboration with the SCHD, (s)he oversees the implementation of all primary health care activities conducted at facility and community level, including: epidemiological surveillance, Ante Natal Care (ANC), Maternal and Child Care (MCH), Out patients Care (OPD), Essential Programme on Immunization (EPI), Health Education and community awareness, Laboratory services;
· In collaboration with SCHD, (s)he assists health facility staff in the proper collection and registration of relevant health data and patients’ and drugs reports keeping,
· (S)he links with the concerned SCHD for: (i) the supportive supervision of health facilities, (ii) the registration of health data and related reporting at County level (DHIS), (iii) the promotion of community involvement/participation, (iv) the involvement and coordination of Community Health Units (CHU) and Community Health Committees (CHC);
· In collaboration with SCHD and CCM International Medical Experts, (s)he organizes and implements trainings and refreshment trainings for the local health staff, based on identified training needs and according to GOK trainings guidelines;
· (S)he trains and supervises Community Health Workers (CHW) to improve Hygiene and Sanitation awareness and health-seeking behaviour of the communities in the project catchment areas;
· In collaboration with SCHD, (s)he organizes and promotes raising awareness and sensitization campaigns on health prevention, hygiene practices and access/utilization of primary health services;
· In collaboration with local authorities, (s)he builds the capacities of CHC to improve community involvement on health related issues;
· If required, (s)he participates in the conduction of need-assessments and/or surveys in the project catchment area and assists the HAC in the development of new project proposals,
· (S)he provides monthly reports to the HAC on the activities carried out (including cash book) and collaborates with the HAC for the organization of the monthly and quarterly activities plan.
· Relevant BSC and/or academic qualification as clinical officer, registered nurse/midwife, Public Health officer or similar;
· At least 2 years of relevant work experience in the primary health care supervision activities;
· Fluent in both oral and written English;
· Basic IT skills;
· Teamwork inclination;
· Flexibility and willingness to work in remote areas;
· Holding of valid driving licence F (for motorbike 125 cc and above).
Additional preferable qualifications:
· Short trainings on community mobilization, health community-based approach, etc.
· Previous experience as trainer;
· knowledge of local languages (Swahili, Borana, Samburu, Turkana).

Interested applicants are requested to submit the updated CV, cover letter with the indication of 3 references and copy of the driving licence F (for motorbike 125cc and above) to the following CCM contact:
Tamara Littamè
Isiolo – Kenya Office
Health Activities Coordinator
Comitato Collaborazione Medica
P.O. Box 409
60300 Isiolo - Kenya
Please specify in the subject line application for: PHC Supervisor ISIOLO
Local candidates from Isiolo County are encouraged to apply
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.
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